Welcome to the Poundbury Management Company 3 Website.

This website provides information for all shareholders and residents within the Poundbury Managment Company 3 (Manco3) area. It provides detail of the services managed by Manco3 on behalf of the shareholders and our joint obligations to maintain elements of the Estate in Poundbury.

If you wish to report a maintenance or other issue to MANCO3 this may be done by pressing the “Reporting” Tab and selecting the appropriate option.

More detailed documentation and an opportunity to discuss issues  with other residents and directors is available in the Manco3 Forum. Access is by pressing the Forum tab, and entering a username and password. (If you are not already signed up with a username, please read the instructions first in the Forum, before registration!)

Below this line you will find latest MANCO3 news or events. All these entries will be found in the “Blog” tab.